Obligatory New Year Post!

This is a blog, and as such I am compelled to participate in the New Year’s Resolution blog post phenomenon.  For most people, THIS is the year to get healthy!  But this blog is focused on health all year long, so why not throw in my two cents on the topic in the form of resolutions?

What makes my input a little different is that A) I have been focused on health for a lot longer than the New Year’s Uh-Oh Window, B) I am not going to talk about food or exercise in this one, and C) I am not interested in temporary, poorly thought-out resolutions.

My goals for 2012 are focused not on my physical health, but on my mental and emotional well-being.  This is not because I don’t value my physical health, but because I have been so focused on my physical health that I have failed to recognize how much emotional well-being plays into my physical well-being.  And 2011 has given me plenty of time to think about it!  Funny how it’s taken me until right up to the new year to come to a few conclusions about what I would most like to change about my life.

I have come up with several goals:

  1. Stop being such a damn over-achiever.  Sometimes, it’s ok to just let things wait.  The work will still be there, but my family might not be.
  2. Identify and get rid of toxic people.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a close relative, a good friend, or someone I greatly admire: selfish people who only take and never give are never going to contribute any value to my life.
  3. Build, rebuild, or seek positive associations to replace the negative ones I remove from my life.  It’s not enough just to shed the negative people from my life.
  4. Stop being a gullible doormat.  I believe strongly in turning the other cheek.  I believe strongly that if I take care of others I will be taken care of.  These fundamental principles guide my life.  But there is a difference between giving freely and allowing myself to be taken advantage of when I know better.
  5. Stop thinking of my life in terms of where it’s going.  It’s time to stop and appreciate where I am now, or I’ll never recognize when I finally get where I keep trying to go.
  6. Start trusting in my own beliefs.  I can’t let other people’s morals guide me.  Who is really qualified to define the terms of right and wrong?
  7. Wear more t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatpants.  In public.  I need to learn to relax a little bit!

No recipe today.  Instead, I’d love to open it up to comments.  What are your new year resolutions?







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